Discover the island of Naxos!

Valea Villa is located at the west part of Naxos, just 5 km from the port and the Town (Chora) of Naxos. This can be the perfect starting point for swimming at the most famous and gorgeous beaches of the island, visits to the sites of interest of Naxos, activities for the family within a close distance to the capital of the island which is the most vibrant part of the island.


Airport: 2 km/ 5 mins
Port: 5 km/ 10 mins
Main Town/Chora: 4 km/ 8 mins
Other nearest towns or villages: Agios Prokopios 800 m/ 2 mins
Nearest shops: 500 m
Nearest beach: 150 m/ 1 minute walking

Wondering which are the things to do in Naxos island, after relaxing in Valea Villa and enjoy the scenery of the Stelida bay? We are pointing out a 10+1-things-to-do list that will be very helpful once being in Naxos.

1. Visit the archaeological sites. Naxos is a cultural paradise. The long presence of the island on the history and the development of the Aegan’s Sea civilization was significant. The Portara, the trademark of the island, part of a temple dedicated to the God of Light, Apollo, the ancient temple of Demeter (6th century BC) in the village of Sangri, the big statues of Kouros are just some of the main archaeological sites of Naxos.

2. Discover the Towers and the Mansions. Naxos was considered to be a very important place during the Byzantine era being the main island of Cyclades. The old city in the capital of Naxos along with many Tower buildings and mansions scattered throughout the island are parts of a very interesting historic period.

3. Swim in pristine beaches. Naxos is the biggest among the islands consisting the complex of Cyclades. Thus a number of organized and pristine beaches are everywhere waiting to be discovered. Enjoy the crystal clear, the sandy beaches, the beautiful beach life and the coastal nature of Naxos following our recommendations.

4. Hiking. A hiker’s paradise, Naxos island offers a large number of designated routes across the island. Discover, feel and experience the diversity of the island’s landscape following the paths crossing and ending in sites of interest, gorgeous beaches and beautiful villages.

5. Visit a traditional distillery and cheese factory. The Citrus that grows on the island of Naxos is unique. There are distilleries on the island making the famous liquor along with creameries that make the delicious Naxian cheeses.

6. Enjoy the traditional products. Apart from Citrus liquor and cheese Naxos has a large number of traditional tastes like the local meat, fresh fish, vegetables and fruits, potatoes and many more. Pies, lamp on the oven and a range of desserts are among the tastes you should try once being on Naxos island.

7. Indulge in water sport activities. A water sport aficionados heaven, Naxos island’s beaches are ideal for water sports such as ski, kite surfing, wind surfing and many more. As for amateur and experienced divers in Naxos island you will find many options.

8. Visit the Chora of Naxos. Among the most picturesque island towns in the Aegean, the Chora of Naxos combines ancient ruins with a medieval parts and a lively day and night life. For shopping, coffees or cocktails and dancing just visit the Town of Naxos, which is just 5 km. from Valea Villa.

9. Discover the inland villages. With more than 40 villages Naxos is an island with a particularly interested inland. Starting from Valea Villa, follow the roads leading to beautiful and serene villages to discover the beauties of Naxos.

10. Island Hopping. Naxos has a frequent connection with many Cycladic islands. Do not miss the islands of Small Cyclades, aka the islands of Koufonisia, Schinousa and Donousa. Santorini and Ios are also close and have daily ferry connection throughout the year.

11. Enjoy a tailor- made stay in Valea Villa. With our concierge services you can personalize your stay in Villa Valea making your days in Naxos a memorable experience. Arrange a private dinner with a chef that will create the tastes of your choice, book a massage with our partnered therapists, a yoga session or ask us for anything that might make your vacation a truly relaxing and pleasurable experience.

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